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php-zendframework-zend-expressive-template - Template subcomponent for Expressive

Remi Collet
Template subcomponent for Expressive

This package provides the following classes, interfaces, and traits:

* TemplateRendererInterface, a generic interface for providing template rendering capabilities.
* TemplatePath, a value object describing a (optionally) namespaced path in which templates reside; the TemplateRendererInterface returns these.
* ArrayParametersTrait provides helper methods you can mix in to implementations for normalizing template parameters to an array.
* DefaultParamsTrait provides helper methods you can mix in to implementations for aggregating default parameters as well as merging global, template-specific, and provided parameters when rendering.

We currently support and provide the following routing integrations:

* Plates: php-zendframework-zend-expressive-platesrenderer
* Twig: php-zendframework-zend-expressive-twigrenderer
* ZF2 PhpRenderer: php-zendframework-zend-expressive-zendviewrenderer



php-zendframework-zend-expressive-template-1.0.4-4.remi.src [21 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2017-12-11):
- switch from zend-loader to fedora/autoloader
php-zendframework-zend-expressive-template-1.0.4-1.remi.src [20 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2017-01-12):
- update to 1.0.4
php-zendframework-zend-expressive-template-1.0.3-2.remi.src [19 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2016-07-02):
- cleanup