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php-google-apiclient - Client library for Google APIs

ASL 2.0
Remi Collet
Google APIs Client Library for PHP provides access to many Google APIs.
It is designed for PHP client-application developers and offers simple,
flexible, powerful API access.

Examples are available in the php-google-apiclient-examples package.

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Google/autoload.php


php-google-apiclient-1.1.7-7.remi.src [766 KiB] (no changelog entry)
php-google-apiclient-1.1.7-2.remi.src [767 KiB] Changelog by James Hogarth (2016-10-18):
- Missed an %{epoch} for the examples subpackage
php-google-apiclient-1.1.8-1.remi.src [825 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2016-07-24):
- Updated to 1.1.8 (RHBZ #1275453)
- Added weak dependencies
- Always ensure unbundled CA cert is referenced
php-google-apiclient-1.1.5-1.remi.src [677 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2015-10-11):
- Updated to 1.1.5 (RHBZ #1266282)
php-google-apiclient-1.1.4-1.remi.src [664 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2015-05-22):
- Updated to 1.1.4 (BZ #1222260)
- Added spec license header
- Removed autoload patch
- Added option to build without tests