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php-composer-installers - A multi-framework Composer library installer

Remi Collet
This is for PHP package authors to require in their composer.json. It will
install their package to the correct location based on the specified package

The goal of installers is to be a simple package type to install path map.
Users can also customize the install path per package and package authors
can modify the package name upon installing.

installers isn't intended on replacing all custom installers. If your package
requires special installation handling then by all means, create a custom
installer to handle it.

Autoloader: /usr/share/php/Composer/Installers/autoload.php


php-composer-installers-1.5.0-1.remi.src [39 KiB] Changelog by Remi Collet (2018-04-20):
- update to 1.5.0
- use range dependencies on F27+
php-composer-installers-1.4.0-1.remi.src [38 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2017-10-08):
- Updated to 1.4.0 (RHBZ #1479799)
php-composer-installers-1.3.0-1.remi.src [37 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2017-04-29):
- Updated to 1.3.0 (RHBZ #1444845)
- Added max version constraint to php-composer(composer/composer) dependency
- Switched autoloader to php-composer(fedora/autoloader)
- Test with SCLs if available
php-composer-installers-1.2.0-1.remi.src [34 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2016-09-11):
- Updated to 1.2.0 (RHBZ #1372115)
php-composer-installers-1.1.0-1.remi.src [32 KiB] Changelog by Shawn Iwinski (2016-07-23):
- Updated to 1.1.0 (RHBZ #1352896)
- Updated URL